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The Backyard

Hi Friends! I want to start out by showing you my current project: the backyard! You will see by looking at the photo below there is nothing glamorous about it. I am fortunate enough to live in LA and have a yard, but that means it is time to get creative and learn the science of gardening, permaculture, landscaping and everything else that comes with making this home and land sustainable.

Thats my pup, Rhodie

My husband and I moved into this house (our first home!) in 2015. It is a beautiful fixer upper built in 1902. It has all the charm that I could ever want in a home, but with a fixer upper comes a lot of patience to tackle the many projects at hand.

This summer, my attention is on the backyard. Not the whole backyard but the raised garden beds. We built these last summer and very lightly played with them. Then last August, we received our first 4 chickens from Dare 2 Dream Farms. This had been a dream of ours for years. I will talk about my chickens at a separate time, but needless to say, we learned very quickly that we could not let our chickens roam the whole yard especially if we intended to grow our own produce!

I will explain what steps I am taking to get the most optimum growth out of these garden beds.  With that said, it might take me years to truly understand my gardens and that is ok. I am in this for the long run. Like anything, the hardest part for me has been figuring out where to start.  I see all of these beautiful gardens posted and have decided, now is the time to stop talking about it and do it!

I don’t have too many books yet on the subject of gardening, but I am ok with that.  No need to get overwhelmed!  I recently listened to a speaker on permaculture and was recommended the book Gaia’s Garden: A Guide to Home-Scale Permaculture.  I will be receiving that book shortly and share with you my thoughts.

Below are the three books that I do have and like to look at regularly for tips.

The Practical Gardener is a book I happen to come across at a used book store.  You can tell the writer is very knowledgeable and some of the topics can get quite technical.  You won’t find too many reviews on it, but what you do find are great reviews.  I will continue to reread chapters in this book as I become more knowledgeable in gardening.

The Backyard Homestead is basically my dream in a book.  It is all about putting whatever land you have to use and produce your own food.  It is incredibly inspirational and an easy read.

Vegetables, Herbs, and Fruit is exactly what it calls itself, an illustrated encyclopedia.  It offers a little bit of knowledge on most produce ranging from varieties, cultivation, culinary uses and even medicinal uses.

Of course there are endless online tips and resources. Here are three websites that I like to look at these days and included the link to them.

Digging the Earth A friendly website hosted by a family that are simply learning and sharing as they garden.  This sight offers inspirational photos and kind words that motivate me as I move forward.

Urban Gardeners Republic This here is a much more professional website that also offers items to purchase to aid in your gardening experience.  I appreciate the educational tips posted on their blog.

Permaculture Principles I am new to the concept of permaculture but this practice is very interesting to me. This is a basic website that teaches you the main principles behind permaculture.  I recommend at least reading up on it for a minute if you are not familiar with this practice of gardening/lifestyle.

Thank you for reading.  Please stay tuned as I will break this project down in pieces throughout the summer.  I encourage you to do something similar at your home, share with me your successes, offer me advice, or anything else related!


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