About MomoCakes

Our mission at MomoCakes is very simple. We want to support your health through good food and great conversation. Our plant forward food is nutritionally rich and thoughtfully portioned. We appreciate that health can mean a lot of different things to different people and we embrace that conversation!

To keep our values aligned, we use a few pillars to support our mission.


MomoCakes embraces and encourages a colorful culture through our joyful food, staff, and community engagement. 


We make it a point to be continually use technology to work towards efficiency and best practices as it pertains to the environment, our products, and the impact on our community. Follow our progress! 


What if mealtime was a joyful moment where we reflect on the food before us, nourish our bodies, and share great conversation whether it be casual or at a community event? MomoCakes makes it happen.