New Year Resolutions

What is it about the new year that excites change? It is as if a fresh opportunity arises to wash away all of our bad behavior or habits we could do without. Coincidently it closes the holiday season, a time of the year that enhances the fine balancing act of life- lovely to see family but incredibly stressful to see family; the joy of feeling the season in the air with the lights and music but with the pressure to buy more gifts than you can afford; the delicious assortment of holiday meals and desserts but with an intense emotion that can often allow you to overeat. We won’t even mention alcohol consumption…

January came and you had a burst of ambition and energy to attempt the impossible!

Today, February is around the corner. Is your ambition and energy still strong?

I offer you some peace of mind and reflection on what I believe matters most. Recently our hero Kobe Bryant passed away (along with the 8 other human beings) and broke millions of hearts. What it also did was remind us how precious life is. In a strange poetic way, with Kobe’s passing, we can be taught a valuable lesson that should be practiced daily. We know him to be a man with great discipline who dedicated his life to the sport and self-improvement. Even though his life was cut short, what a fulfilled life he lived!  

We all have the capability for self-improvement on a daily basis even as we move past the first month of January and into 2020. Better health, increased ambition, more love to share is available to us all at this very moment. As I have been listening to the words of Eckhart Tole and Deepak Chopra, the moment is always all that we have and is all that we need to make the change we desire and live the life we deserve.

Today I painted a reminder to myself that I will keep folded up and by my side this year. This is not to make sure I keep on track and don’t drop my goals but as a gentle reminder of what matters to me and how I can contribute to the world a little more.

A more healthful life comes from a well-rounded approach. Each moment of your day you make decisions that may influence your relationships, what you eat for lunch, who you eat lunch with, if you take your dog on a long or short walk, how many books you read to your child, how long you will watch TV until you turn out the lights etc. Let us collectively take these moments as a gift and pause for a split second and ask yourself, am I doing what is best for my mind, body, and soul?  Am I helping others and contributing to the enrichment of Life? These are the questions I am going to run with 2020.

How about you?

Sending Joy,


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